The Hofmanns' fitness studio - Louny

Welcome to Hofmans' fitness studio web site.

Shape your body in our gym equipped with proven machines, lose weight on spinning or aerobic sessions! Work hard and you'll feel fine. Compete with yourself and win!

Don't you like the stranger in the mirror every morning? Do you wanna see yourself in the mirror? Slim, good-looking and attractive? Come to our place and do some workout! It won't be easy, you'll have to try hard. Overcome the muscle pain, pump it up and sweat!

Sexy shirt, swimsuit, shorts or dress, why just home? Get yourself in shape and show them to the others! Be sexy!

Come to work out!

And where to find us?




Opening hours:

mon - fri     9:00 - 21:00

sat, sun    13:00 - 20:00